Exciting new Writing Opportunities in the Works

I’ve been offered some exciting new writing opportunities. And I’d like to share them with you.

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As many of you know, I’ve been writing an article each week on my blog since March of 2017. However, during that time, I’ve connected with a number of other professionals within the sleep community. This has lead to a couple of exciting new writing opportunities for me.

One of these opportunities is with the American Association of Sleep Technologists or AAST. I’ll become a regular contributor to their national magazine A2Zzz, starting in January. I actually wrote an article for them previously titled Enhancing Conventional Sleep Medicine with Herbal Supplements (starting on pg 22). I’m also currently working on a contract with the American Sleep Apnea Association or the ASAA, writing blogs for them. Writing for the AAST is on a voluntary basis. But I will be paid for my blog submissions to the ASAA. I’ll be in contact with the ASAA this coming week, so will have more information then.

As a result, I won’t be making any further contributions to my blog. However, I intend to keep my facebook group active, at least for now. So you can continue to post any questions or concerns about sleep-related concerns; either on this blog or in the facebook group. Also, feel free to join us on Facebook. I’ll keep an eye on the group and this blog, and respond to any posts accordingly.

So thanks to all who have read my blog posts, and followed along. And also a thank you to those who are members of my facebook group. It’s been fun re-igniting my childhood passion for writing. But knowing I’m actually helping people live longer, more enriching lives is truly satisfying.

I look forward to continue serving you through sharing information on this ever-expanding field of sleep.


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